Hair Extension

Micro Rings Hair Extension

The Micro Ring technique is generally considered to be the smallest and most undetectable Hair Extension technique available, which combines soft or fine strands of natural hair with the extension hair. As there is no glue, sewing or braids involved there is no damage to your own hair. Micro Ring extensions should last three to four months before needing to be removed, reinstalled or tightened.

This technique can be done on all types of hair. The copper rings are available in different colours and are covered with plastic providing a comfortable cushion for the hair. The rings clamp securely in place and will not slip out even during the most challenging of activities. Those who have worn micro ring extensions attest that they are comfortable day-to-day and the hair stays in place until you remove it.

With proper care of hair extended by microrings, you can enjoy them for about 3 months or more explaining – until the regrowth can be undisturbed. After this time, open mikroringi, pull them up and re-tighten the next 3 months

Easy Hair

With this method we use copper sleeves that are used to attach strands. This is by far the most popular method of hair extensions “cold” and also guarantees durability and comfort in any situation.
Hair extensions by “easy hair” is the only method by which you can be sure 100% guarantee of the strength of hair extension. Strands not slide down and I will keep up to remove.
Hair extensions by “easy hair” is the only method by which you can be sure 100% guarantee of the strength of hair extension. Strands not slide down and I will keep up to remove.

While this method using special tongs, with which clench copper sleeve, which guarantees very precise fixing of any highlights. The joints are very flat and thus – practically undetectable.

Strands of “easy hair” are arranged and combined with natural hair in such a way as to place a layer connecting to hide under our own hair, making you feel comfortable in any situation.

Practice has shown us that even with frequent hair extension using the “easy hair” hair is fully healthy and undamaged, which is an additional advantage is that hair extension method.

This is a method worth recommending to those who lead very active lifestyles

Hot Fusion

Hot fusion hair extensions are also known as keratin hair extensions. Keratin extensions is one of the most popular hair extensions methods available on the market.
Hot Fusion Specifics:

Strands of extensions hair is attached to your natural hair with a keratin based bonding polymer.
Hot fusion hair extensions last anywhere from 2-4 months.
Hot fusion hair extensions take about 2 hours.
You can style your hair up or down.

A few years back fusion hair extensions was applied with a regular “hair glue.” Later a new bond formed from keratin was developed. Since your hair shaft is made out of 90% keratin this is a more healthy, less damaging option for applying fusion extensions.

Hair Strip

Using this method we can be sure 100% about the safety of our natural hair. Our hair extension / thicken tape, which is attached by means of strands of keratin scales tip terminated or microrings.

Here again it is worth mentioning, and to recall the regenerative properties of hair keratin scales.

Using this method, unlike some others, we will need to thicken up to 50 strands of hair, while the other methods of about 120