Permanent Make Up

Semi-Permanent make up, also known as micropigmentation, is a revolutionary method of inserting small amounts of pigment into the dermal layer of the skin in order to enhance a woman’s features.

This state-of-the art procedure has been used by models, actors, and entertainers as a means of enhancing their appearance. Madonna, Cher, Elizabeth Taylor, Angelina Jolie ,Gwen Stefani ,Shirley Bassey and even Prince are just a few of the celebrities that have chosen to have permanent cosmetics. Beyond the mere aesthetic value, with the savings in time, money, and daily frustration, it is easy to see why semi-permanent cosmetics have been called the “make up of the future.”

Semi-Permanent makeup typically consists of application of eyeliner, eyebrow simulation, and lip color. Additionally, there are semi permanent cosmetic makeup procedures for beauty marks, scar camouflage and areola reconstruction.

Semi-Permanent Eyebrows: Tired of drawing on your eyebrows everyday?

Throw away your eyebrow pencils! Louise will design the perfectly shaped eyebrows for you so you can go swimming, wear a hat, and go to the gym without having to worry about your eyebrows rubbing off ever again.

First, your eyebrows will be redesigned with cosmetic pencils so you can visualize the shape. Then, Louise will apply the semi-permanent colour by tattooing each individual hairstroke one by one with the Feathering Technique to build long and short strokes, following the growth pattern of your natural eyebrows. Your design is original, done without the use of stencils. Louise never does the same design twice!

Note: it is not necessary to remove the eyebrow hairs you currently have.

Permanent Lip Liner and Lip Colour

When a woman’s lipstick comes off, her face looks so pale and her lips look shapeless. The lipcolour procedure will bring fullness and colour to your pale lips. First,Louise will pre-draw your desired lip shape then match it to your favorite lip color.

Lip liner and lip color are the perfect solution to reshape uneven lips, adding fullness, and covering scars.


Eyeliner defines and enhances the beauty of the eyes. It makes the lashes appear thicker, even when mascara is not worn.

To many people, the thought of never having to worry about smudging eyeliner ever again seems like a futuristic dream.

We offer two options for eyeliner. The first is called an enhancement and is a thin, naturally looking line along the lash line. Louise achieves this look by making several small dots along the lashes. The second option is the eyeliner and is for those looking for more of a make up look. Louise achieves this look by adding another line on top of the enhancement. Semi- Permanent eyeliner is delicately applied with a sterile applicator made specifically for fine, detailed facial work, utilizing the micro-pigmentation process. Colour is applied along both the upper and lower lash lines, creating a defined but soft radiance around the eyes. If a stronger look is desired, thickness of the color may be increased gradually over several sessions